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Our series will review the wonderful performances of some well-known stars in key games. Some of them are the masterpieces of palace-level players, and there are also first-rate players that are rare in the history of world football.


We always like to look at history with colored glasses, or form a set of subjective opinions based on the subsequent development of the story, so the truth of the matter often takes a while to settle before it becomes clear.


Today we are going to talk about the first leg of the Champions League knockout match between Arsenal and Barcelona. The time is February 2011. The venue is the Emirates Stadium and the protagonist is Wilshere.


For Wilshere, we always think of many "ifs." The young and famous Wilshere only turned 28 this year. He freely transferred to West Ham United in 2018. He was supposed to be at his peak but missed most of the games of the past two seasons due to injury.


Once upon a time, the Gunners fans affectionately called him "Prince Prestige", everyone thought that Wilshere would take over Arsenal's captain's armband sooner or later and have a place in the England national team.


But now, the last time Wilshere played 90 minutes in the Premier League has to be dated back to August 2018, and more and more people are beginning to doubt whether he can still have a relatively complete season in the top league.


There are players who are "famous in one goal", and there are players who are "famous in World War I" like Wilshere.


Of course, Wilshere also left a lot of classic moments in other games-for example, he has twice appeared on the bench in the FA Cup finals to help the team win, and twice scored the BBC's best Premier League season. Goals; At the national team level, Wilshere used two goals to help the Three Lions defeat their opponents 3-2 in the 6th round of the 2015 European Cup qualifiers against Slovenia.


But when it comes to fame, this game is none other than this game.


In that game, it seemed that Barcelona failed to score in the first half, but it all depended on the Gunners goalkeeper Almunia to open the hook, and Arsenal was completely suppressed by the dominant Barcelona.


Twenty minutes before the game, Barcelona had 11 shots and 6 shots on target. Barcelona has a tendency to oppose the goal. The Barcelona midfielder's transmission and control flowed, Messi's dribbling was almost insoluble, and the suffocating oppression of the visiting team made the Gunners helpless.


In this case, Wilshere's performance is more worthy of a special book. Since the two rounds of the match in 2010, Arsenal also has an outstanding athletic, skilled and confident midfielder. He can catch the ball near the center circle, avoid the heavy strangulation of the opponent, and then smoothly move The ball transitions to the frontcourt.


Did Wilshere take over the game from the opening stage? Not really. Although Arsenal played proactively in the first 10 minutes, only Walcott can pose a threat to Barcelona. In the previous year's confrontation, Walcott, who was on the bench, disrupted Barcelona. Rhythm, using speed raw Maxwell scored a goal.


In this game, Maxwell obviously had a psychological shadow on Walcott. In order to prevent repeating the mistakes, the Brazilian stood very deep, and Walcott got a lot of space for dribbling.


In fact, Wilshere did not exert much influence on the game in the first 15 minutes of the first half. He tried to press twice, but was resolved by Busquets. When the pace of the game slowed down slightly, Barcelona began to control the initiative, and Arsenal gradually fell into a full passive.


In the 17th minute of the first half, Juru hurried the ball to find Wilshere under the pressure of Villa. It was a very awkward half-high. Wilshere calmly took off the ball with his back and then Turning to the right, leaning on Iniesta and handing the ball to Alexander Song, we can clearly hear the cheers in the stands.

在上半场的第17分钟,朱鲁在维拉的压力下催促球找到威尔希尔。这是一个非常尴尬的一半高。 Wilshere冷静地背起球,然后向右转,倚在Iniesta上,将球递给Alexander Song,我们可以清楚地看到看台上的欢呼声。

From this moment on, Wilshere relaxed from the tension in the opening, and since then he began to frequently use confrontation and dribbling to drive the Gunners' offense.


The most impressive thing about Wilshere is his sense of space in possession. When there is a ball at his feet, Wilshere will not blindly play the ball or go crazy with the ball. He will constantly observe the opponents around him. He knows when to turn around to get rid of, when to pass back, and when to hold the ball. When to attract the opponent to press forward, and when to transfer the ball to the open.


Although these things are the basic courses in football school, Wilshere is facing the best teams in the world-including three players ranked in the top three in the Golden Globe Awards. In this case It is really commendable that he can play so freely.


Unfortunately, other Arsenal midfielders collectively dropped in this game. Fabregas's pass was sloppy when he switched from defensive to offensive, and he often lost the pass immediately after finally regaining the ball. Alexander Song received a yellow card for the first foul against Messi in the opening game, and then played cautiously, which resulted in a very lack of discipline in the gunner's field.

不幸的是,其他阿森纳中场球员在这场比赛中集体掉队。当法布雷加斯从防守转为进攻时,他的传球太草率了,而且他在重新夺回球权后常常立即失去传球。亚历山大·宋(Alexander Song)在首场比赛中对梅西(Messi)的第一次犯规获得一张黄牌,然后谨慎发挥,这在炮手的领域非常缺乏纪律。

F亚搏彩票apportunately they still have Wilshere. In the 18th minute, Eboue, the right back, handed the ball to Wilshere. The opponent went up very fast. Wilshere dunked the opponent with his left foot and handed the ball to Fabregas. There was another piece in the stands. Cheers.


At 24 minutes and 30 seconds, almost the same scene was staged-Pedro's bottom line inverted triangle pass failed to find his teammate, the ball rolled to Wilshere, who first looked up to observe the situation, and then wiped forward. Iniesta rushed forward and handed the ball to Walcott before Busquets pressed. Wilshere instigated a turn from defensive to offensive and almost made a goal.


We were very impressed by Wilshere's mobility in this game, whether it was running off the ball or organizing and scheduling perfectly.


Soon after, Villa’s goal made the home team fall behind, but Wilshere immediately initiated an offensive-at 28 minutes and 34 seconds of the first half, Wilshere drove the ball near the center circle and went straight in, observing the left and right sides. After receiving the situation, the ball was handed over to Van Persie at the front of the penalty area, who shot the ball wide and missed the perfect opportunity to tie the score.


As the game progressed, Barcelona gradually realized the role of Wilshere and tried to besie the latter, but the more so, the more confident Wilshere played, and Wilshere passed the ball after the end of the game. The success rate is as high as 93%.


At a moment in the second minute of the second half, Wilshere proved that he was fighting the "Cosmos Team" almost on his own.


Wilshere received a pass from Juru in the backcourt. He took the ball with his back and a rhythmic change tricked Messi to complete the turn. At this time, Harvey and Iniesta were standing by Wilshere and ready to go. Intercept his ball to the wing. But they then realized that Wilshere did not intend to split sides, but chose to go straight to the defensive hinterland of Barcelona.


At first he met Fabregas’s Busquets and tried to stop Wilshere. The latter seized the opportunity to play a two-for-one match with Fabregas, and t亚搏彩票apphen adjusted his left foot in front of the penalty area. The shot was taken by Valdes because the shooting line was too straight.


Although the goal was not scored, the 19-year-old midfielder was really admirable for his brilliant performance in the "Cosmos Team". After the shot was unsuccessful, there was no regret or disappointment on this immature face. It's just calmness and tenacity that is totally incompatible with age.


Although people agreed that a technical player like Wilshere would be better with a defensive midfielder, the Gunners turned the situation around after Wenger replaced two offensive players.


First of all, Wenger replaced Alexander Song with Arshavin. After the Russian came on the field, he played on the left. Nasri adducted and Wilshere formed a very offensive midfield combination.

首先,温格用Arshavin取代Alexander Song。俄国人上场后,他在左边踢球。纳斯里(Nasri)上场,威尔希尔(Wilshere)组成了非常进攻的中场组合。

Then Bendtner came on to replace Walcott. At this time, Arsenal’s frontcourt combination is: Wilshere, Nasri, Fabregas, Arshavin, Bendtner and Van Persie, posing a pair Abandon the defensive full offensive posture.


Among these six players, the others are either wingers or center forwards. Wilshere, who is a central midfielder, has the most conservative playing style. In the last 20 minutes, Wilshere's offensive influence has indeed weakened a lot.


After Van Persie equalized for the home team, Wilshere also played his role in Arshavin's winning goal.


Wilshere received a pass from Bendtner in front of his own defense, and then a pass with just the right strength found Fabregas, who instigated the overtake goal-it might be the Emirates Stadium One of the brightest moments in history.


By the second round of the game, Wilshere had become the focus of Barcelona's attention. In the end, Barcelona won 3-1. Before the game, Guardiola was also asked about Wilshere at the press conference.


"Wilshire is a top player, he is very good, not only at the club level, but also in the national team," Guardiola said, but then he added: "Wilshire is lucky because There are many players of his level in our youth team, and he can play because Arsenal has no pressure to compete for the title."


The English fans were naturally very dissatisfied with Guardiola's remarks, and until seven years later, Wilshere still did not let go.


In an interview with the Islington Bulletin, he was asked if he still remembered Guardiola's words. He said: "Yes, he did say that he hit my self-confidence. You remember he said Really? He said that La Masia has a lot of players like me!"


Now recalling Guardiola's words, pre-match psychological warfare is one aspect, but it is totally unfounded and not at all. Looking at the player roster of Barcelona B team back then, there are indeed several players who are in better conditions than Wilshere today. The first is Thiago. Guardiola took him to the Allianz Arena immediately after he coached Bayern. Now he is one of the best midfielders in European football.


Others include: Tiago’s younger brother Rafinha, now playing for Celta; Roberto, who is still playing for Barcelona; the former core of the former Villarreal midfielder, currently playing for the Los Angeles Galaxy. Santos; Romeu who played for Southampton; Deulofeu who performed well at Watford last season; defenders like Montoya and Muniesa also got Biwei when they played in the Premier League El Hill has more playing time.

其他还包括:蒂亚戈(Tiago)的弟弟拉菲尼亚(Rafinha),现在为塞尔塔(Celta)效力;罗伯托仍在为巴塞罗那效力。前比利亚雷亚尔中场球员的前核心,目前效力于洛杉矶银河队。桑托斯罗密欧曾效力于南安普敦。 Deulofeu上赛季在沃特福德的表现不错。蒙托亚(Montoya)和穆尼萨(Muniesa)等后卫在英超联赛埃尔希尔(El Hill)踢球的时间也更长。

The superb performance against Barcelona directly made Wilshere the best player in the Arsenal team this season, and it was also the main reason why he was selected as the Premier League team of the year.


Although the Premier League’s best team of the year is still based on the league’s performance, it is clear that the European stadium also accounts for a considerable weight. This is a precedent. Bell, who played for Tottenham in the Premier League, only surrendered 7 goals and 1 assist in the entire season, but his brave performance in the two rounds of the Champions League made him the best team of the year.


In fact, Wilshere's performance in the 2010-11 season is not stable, he is not as excited as he was against Barcelona every week. But it's not accurate to say that he is overestimated. After all, he had a thigh-level performance against the "Cosmos", which is not what an overstated player can do.


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