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Aston Villa may be the dark horse in the Premier League this season.


Last season was a good thing for Dean Smith, because the newly promoted team can avoid relegation. After returning to the top league, the Villa team has been working hard, but they escaped the danger zone at the last minute and barely saved the victory. Last summer’s focus亚搏外围app was to attract a large number of players to the club to help them adapt to a higher standard of life. . This time, it is obvious that Aston Villa puts its only focus on improving the quality of its players.

上赛季对Dean Smith来说是一件好事,因为新晋级的球队可以避免降级。回到顶级联赛后,维拉队一直努力工作,但他们在最后一刻逃离了危险区,几乎没有保存胜利。去年夏天的重点是吸引大量球员加入俱乐部,以帮助他们适应更高的生活水平。 。这次,很明显,阿斯顿维拉将唯一的精力放在提高球员的素质上。

So far this summer, villa has spent £74 million and signed four very impressive players. These players are McGrady Cash, Oli Watkins, Emiliano Martinez Bertrand Traore, and they are from Nottingham Forest, Brentford, Arsenal and Lyon joined. Although these transactions will undoubtedly improve the team, there is still a lot of room for improvement for Aston Villa.


One of the positions Smith hopes to improve is midfield. Some players, including Ruben Loftus Cheek, are already within Smith's plan. The Chelsea midfielder looks set to play in the last week when the transfer window is closed, and his ranking at Stamford Bridge has fallen. According to the "Daily Mail" report, Aston Villa is determined to introduce the England international through a loan agreement throughout the season.

史密斯希望提高的位置之一是中场。包括鲁本·洛夫图斯·奇克(Ruben Loftus Cheek)在内的一些球员已经在史密斯的计划之内。当转会窗口关闭时,切尔西中场看起来将在上周出战,他在斯坦福桥的排名也有所下降。根据《每日邮报》的报道,阿斯顿维拉决心通过整个赛季的贷款协议引进英格兰国脚。

However, Smith faces competition with Southampton and West Ham United for a contract with Rubin Loufs-Czech, who is also eager to make a deal.

但是,史密斯面临着与南安普敦和西汉姆联的竞争,后者希望与鲁宾·卢夫斯-切奇(Rubin Loufs-Czech)签约。

If Villa cannot complete the transfer, they may turn their attention to Ross Barkley. The Premier League rules stipulate that a team cannot have more than one player on loan from a certain Premier League club, which means that Vera can only bring in one player from this or that club.


It seems that Lufus-Czech Republic will be the first choice, but it remains to be seen whether a breakthrough can be achieved. Phil Spencer of Givemesport said: "Lufus Czech Republic will be a good signing for Aston Villa. Chelsea's first team opportunity is hard to come by this season, which is why he needs to move on. ."

卢弗斯·捷克共和国似乎将是第一选择,但能否实现突破还有待观察。 Givemesport的菲尔·斯宾塞(Phil Spencer)表示:“卢弗斯(Lufus)捷克共和国将成为阿斯顿维拉(Aston Villa)的好签约。切尔西(Chelsea)在本赛季很难获得一线队的机会,这就是他需要继续前进的原因。”

The 24-year-old needs to play in the first team, and we know he has the ability to do it in the top league. Lufus-Czech is definitely suitable for Smith's team, and Le Sports can infer that the introduction of Lufus-Czech is definitely a real success for them.

这位24岁的球员需要在一线队比赛,我们知道他有能力在顶级联赛中表现出色。 Lufus-Czech绝对适合Smith的团队,Le Sports可以推断,引入Lufus-Czech绝对是他们的真正成功。

The England international is a very good player, so his signing can be said to be a big deal. His transfer market is valued at 21.6 million pounds. A permanent transfer is ideal, but if they can't afford him, then a loan transfer to a longer-term contract will be seen as a perfect way to end a good summer in the transfer market.


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